Creating a Survey in Blackboard

A great way to get anonymous student feedback is to create a survey through Blackboard. This allows you to ask students questions about teaching, course materials, assignments, and texts and get honest feedback (since it is anonymous). You can also give students a grade for taking the survey (to ensure student responses). Some instructors use surveys to ask students if they like the text book, the topics in the course, or what topics they would like to see in the future as well as asking questions for research purposes.

Creating a Blog in Blackboard

There are many different assignments on blackboard that you can use to engage your students. A great example of this is blogs. You can create a “course blog” which looks like Facebook and familiar social media, or you can create “Individual blogs” which posts as single blog entries instead of a list of all the student blogs. All students can see each others’ posts and can interact with one another.

Moving from Course to Course in Blackboard

Many of us teach more that one course per semester and just navigating from course to course on Blackboard can sometimes take up valuable time when you are trying to do something in multiple courses at once. Here are some tips from moving from course to course to save you some clicks and make your job a little easier!