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Blackboard’s Course Analytics can give the instructor key insights into the ways that students use your tools, content, and assessments within the course. These reports can be useful in understanding what aspects of the online content are working well, seeing trends in student interactions, charting the relationship between time spent on Blackboard and the students’ grades, and comparing your use of Blackboard with other courses in your academic department.

Make Course Analytics Available

Before you can utilize these reports, you will need to make Course Analytics available. 

Video: Enabling Course Analytics[kaltura-widget uiconfid=”23899751″ entryid=”1_jb155joe” responsive=”true” hoveringControls=”false” width=”100%” height=”56.25%” /]

  1. Under the Customization tab click Tool Availability.
    Click on Tool Availability
  2. Scroll Down to the Course Analytics and click the box called Course Analytics (Instructor Reports).  If you select Course Analytics (Student Reports) this gives you the ability to allow Students to run their own reports so that they can see their progress in relationship to the rest of the class.Click on the box next to Course Analytics (Instructor Reports)
  3. Click Submit.Click Submit.

The Course Analytics tool should now be available under Evaluation.

Run Reports

Video: Explanation of the Different Reports

There are 4 different report types that are available through A4L. The video below explains the reports in detail. 

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Click on Course Analytics. Now you have the option to run the following reports:

  • Course At-a-Glance: With this report, you will be able to compare data points like how much material students are getting from Blackboard and how much time they are spending in Blackboard compared to other courses in your department as well as look at individual student performance.
  • Activity and Grade Scatter Plot: This graph maps the amount of time that students spend on Blackboard against their grade to see how closely these two variables correlate.
  • Activity Matrix: This report generates a variety of graphs and visual representations of how students individually and collectively spend their time in Blackboard for your course.
  • Course Submission Summary: This tool generates a report of the student’s submission tracking the work that they turn in over the semester.
  1. Click on the name of the report. Alternately you can hover over the name with your mouse pointer, click on the down arrow, and then click Run.Course at a Glance Option
  2. These reports will require a few minutes to run and then will open in a new tab of your internet browser.
    New browser tab with course report.

Course At-a-Glance

Here is an example of part of a Course At-a-Glance report:

  • Assessment corresponds to the Assessments created in the course Blackboard.  This will include Tests, Surveys, Assignments, and Echo360ALP.
  • Content corresponds to the Build Content tab in the course Blackboard. This includes everything from Items and Files to Web links and Folders and Modules.
  • Finally, the last metric in this first chart is Tools which corresponds to the Tool Tab in Blackboard.  This includes Discussion Boards, Blogs, Journals, and Groups as well as publisher content like Online Textbooks.

The next page of the report includes an individual student breakdown and will show how many times the student accessed the course, how long they have spent in total on Blackboard, the number things that they have done in Blackboard, the number of assignments that they have turned in and finally their grade compared to the class average.