Blackboard Collaborate web conferences can be accessed within Blackboard or from outside of Blackboard. When a web conference session is held within a Blackboard course the faculty member and enrolled students are automatically given access. When a web conference session is held outside of Blackboard participants are invited through an email containing a direct link. Participants from any institution can be invited to a web conference as guests.

Web conference participants can see others via webcam, hear and ask questions via voice or instant messaging, and share presentations and ideas using a common whiteboard or by sharing desktops.

Sessions are recorded and can be posted with other course materials in a Blackboard course or shared outside of Blackboard as a direct link.

Blackboard Collaborate requires no software installation and is web browser and operating system independent. A small Java application is downloaded and installed when a user connects, taking less than two minutes on an average computer.

Collaborate offers a useful, lower-resolution alternative to videoconferencing when a reliable, fast internet connection is not available.

Using Collaborate within Blackboard

Faculty using Blackboard have automatic access to Blackboard Collaborate through their online courses. Groups with Blackboard Organizations also have automatic access to Collaborate within Blackboard. To get started, create a link to Collaborate from your online course.

Using Collaborate outside of Blackboard

To use web conferencing outside of Blackboard, contact Blackboard Help at for a consultation about creating a permanent web conference session, or create a temporary session using the Collaborate Session Checkout. Temporary sessions expire in 48 hours, but moderators can access conference recordings using a permanent URL.

Permanent web conference sessions are established for one year, with extensions available upon request. Permanent sessions are linked to your UARK account and allow you to host a web conference anytime. When your permanent Collaborate session is first established, you will receive an email containing important links to access your session and invite others. Refer to this email for all future web conferences. When you complete a web conference, you will receive an email with a link to the conference recording.

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