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Create a grade specific adaptive release rule to make a content item visible to all users when a certain grade is achieved.

  1. In your Content area, hover and select next to the desired item then select Adaptive Release from the drop-down menu.
    Adaptive release grade rule drop down menu.
  2. A In the new window, scroll down to the GRADE section.
  3. B In the drop down box next to Select a Grade Center column, choose the content you want to associate with the adaptive release rule.
  4. C Under Select Condition, either:
    Check the radio button for User has at least one attempt for this item or;
    Create a customized setting based on  Score or Percent.
    NOTE:  If you create a customized setting, please make sure Score is based on the number of points and Percent is based on percentage.  Alsobe very aware of the wording.  For example, if your exam is worth 15 points and your customized setting is Score Equal to 10, then the student would have to get a 10 on the exam exactly; 0-9 or 11-15 would not trigger the adaptive release.
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Steps to turn on grade specific adaptive release