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Directions for Adding Kaltura Media to a Course

  1. Go to the content area where you would like to place media in your course.
  2. Click Build Content.
  3. Under Mashups, click Kaltura Media. This will open your My Media.
  4. If your media is already uploaded, click Select next to the media. If your media is not already uploaded, follow the directions in Uploading media to Kaltura.
  5. Add a title and any accompanying text, and change any settings accordingly.
  6. Click Submit.

By default, new media is placed at the bottom of the page. You can hover over the left of the item, till the left side turns purple and the pointer shows an all-scroll pointer. Then move the item up to where you want it.

Watch the gif below to illustrate the above process. You can also click on it to view it from the beginning. 

Adding Media to Blackboard Course Content

Here are other ways of placing Kaltura media into Blackboard:

For more information about Kaltura, visit About Kaltura.

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If you need further technical assistance, please contact the Help Desk at (479) 575- 2905 or online.