Scheduling a Blackboard Collaborate Session

  1. Click the link you created for Blackboard Collaborate Ultra.
    Click on the content area you created
  2. You may get a black screen with a purple circle indicating the tool is loading or buffering.  This is normal.
    loading screen
  3. On the session screen, click Create Session.
    Click create session
  4. Enter the session information. First, Name the session.  We recommend giving it a clear name with the date, the topic you are going to discuss, numbered sessions, or a combination of these.
    GIve the session a clear name
  5. Under “Event Details,” choose the date and time of the session. You can allow students to enter the session early.  The default is 15 minutes.  We generally recommend allowing students to access the session 15-30 minutes before the scheduled time in order to get set up and solve any technical problems they may run into.  This is also where you can give the session a description.
    enter the event details
  6. Under “Session Settings” you can enable participant (student) permissions, allow students to download the session recording, and allow students with internet problems to call in using their phones (this is called telephony) among other things.
    enter session settings
  7. Once you have all of your settings, click Save to create the session.
    Click save to save session details
  8. Your session should now appear in the list of sessions.
    ClickYou session should appear in the list

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