Sharing a File in Blackboard Collaborate Ultra

To share content in Blackboard Collaborate Ultra you should have already inserted the tool link in the content area and created a session.  Once you have done that you can join a session.  In the session, you can share content.

Sharing a File

  1. Click on the purple tab at the bottom right of the session screen to open the “Collaborate Menu.”
    click to open collaborate menu
  2. Click the third icon from the left to open the “Share Content” page.
    click the third icon from the left to open the share content page
  3. Click Share Files.
    click share files
  4. Drag the file you wish to share into the box or you can click on the box to insert the file. Having Problems with the fonts on some of your PowerPoint slides?  See our article on Solving Problems with PowerPoint on Collaborate.
    Note: The box will turn green when you drag it to the box to indicate it is correctly positioned.
    drage your file or select to insert
  5. Your file will be converted.
    your file will be converted
  6. Click Share Now.
    click share now
  7. If your file has multiple pages, you will be asked to select a slide to view.
    select a slide to show the file
  8. When you select a slide, your file should now appear to users.
    your file is now visible to users
  9. To stop sharing the file, click the button in the top right of the screen.
    click stop sharing to end the sharing of the application

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