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At times it can be really useful to know the exact details of a student’s interaction with an assignment or test. On the Grade Details page, you can view a student’s attempts and grade history, assign and edit a grade, and clear and exempt grades.

Check out the connection between this article and Academic Integrity by clicking on the button.

Check out the connection with Academic Integrity!

  1. Click on Grade Center and then on Full Grade Center.
    click full grade center
  2. Click on the arrow next to the student’s score for that assignment.

    Tips Tip

    Did you know that you can use the full-screen button to more easily see all of your columns in the Grade Center?  It’s the little button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen that looks like four arrows pointing out to make the shape of a box. 

  3. Click View Grade Details.
    Click on View Grade Details
  4. View the history of the student’s attempts on the Attempts tab. You can choose to Grade, Clear, or Ignore an Attempt here or Edit the Grade.
    PRO TIP: If you ignore an attempt instead of clearing it, then the student has a chance to attempt the assignment again, but it keeps a record of the previous attempt.
    Example of Attempts tab
  5. You can see an abbreviated history of the assessment by clicking on the Grade History tab. If you want to see a more detailed report, however, you can click on View Complete History.Grade History Tab Example
    Expanded Grade History tab Example


Academic Integrity Connection

This can be used as a way to see whether or not a student has actually attempted to take the test or complete the assignment. If you see “No Grade History information is available” that means that the student did not attempt the assessment at all.

Example of No Grade History