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Sometimes it can be useful to see all the actions that have been taken with a grade in order to diagnose a problem or research a claim made by a student that they couldn’t submit their assignment. The Grade History can be a great source of information in cases like this.

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Check out the connection with Academic Integrity!

On the Grade History page, you can view all grade actions within a course for a set date range and export that information. You can download the grade history to your computer as a comma or tab delimited file. This version of the grade history contains more information including the IP address from which a gradable item was submitted and graded.

  1.  Access your course, and click on Full Grade Center.
    click full grade center
  2. Click Reports and then choose View Grade History.Click Reports and then click View Grade History
  3. To filter the date range, click on the drop-down menu in the upper right and choose the time frame that you want.
    Click on the date range of your choice
  4. Click Go.

NOTE: In two situations, you may see Blackboard Administrator listed in the Last Edited By column:

  •  A student started a timed test set to auto-submit but left the test. The system auto-submits the test when the
    time is up.
  • A student was removed from your course and an item’s attempt grade was then cleared.


Grade History Download List
Downloaded Grade History examples:

Example of Grade History Report

Academic Integrity Connection

The Grade History is useful in determining the following information when investigating a claim by a student that they were unable to access or submit an assignment.

  • Who did what to a gradable item or column in the Grade Center?
  • Did a Student attempt an assessment?
  • Did an Instructor (or Teaching Assistant or Grader) clear attempts?
  • Did an Instructor (or Teaching Assistant or Grader) change a grade?