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Have you dragged a new item in your Assignments folder to the correct location multiple times only to have it move back to its previous location the next time you reload the content area? Is it driving you crazy? Not to fear! We have a workaround to save your sanity until the people at Blackboard get this problem fixed!


The Positions of items in Courses can become corrupted (missing or duplicated Position numbers), which leads to unexpected behavior while using drag-and-drop to rearrange a Content area.

Note: This mainly affects assignments, which are not assigned a position number on the page upon creation.

While Blackboard works on a permanent fix, a quick workaround is:

  1. Add the assignment to a content folder.
  2. Move it to another folder. 
    • Click the down arrow next to the item. 
      Click on the down arrow next to the item name.
    • Select Move.
      Select Move.
    • Click Browse and choose the destination folder.
      Click Browse
    • Click Submit.
  3. Move it back to the folder where you really want it.

The move process gives it a position number, which allows it to be re-arranged on the page using drag-and-drop.