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Creating a Blog in Blackboard

Creating a Blog in Blackboard

There are many different assignments on blackboard that you can use to engage your students. A great example of this is blogs. You can create a “course blog” which looks like Facebook and familiar social media, or you can create “Individual blogs” which posts as single blog entries instead of a list of all the student blogs. All students can see each others’ posts and can interact with one another.

Grading Blogs

The Blackboard Blog Topic Page is where you can read and grade all entries for both individual and group blogs. A grading column appears where you can easily leave feedback, assign a grade, and jump between students’ posts.  

Journals, Blogs, Wikis & Discussion Forums

Journals, Blogs, Wikis & Discussion Forums

Journals, Wikis, and Blogs: A comparison of the three main communication tools in Blackboard, this document compares the similarities and describes the differences and includes examples of lessons using these tools. Also included are several references and articles....

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