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In-Class Blackboard Exams Using Respondus LockDown Browser

Giving Scantron exams in classes can be time consuming when you consider the time it takes to grade and print exams.  We now have the ability to offer secure electronic exams in the classroom using student laptops and Respondus LockDown Browser.

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Blackboard: Force Completion

When giving an exam, we want things to go smoothly. Oftentimes there are situations that arise that cause problems for both instructors and students. We have found that selecting force completion on exams and quizzes in Blackboard is one of those instances. So, what is force completion and why does it cause so many issues?

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Blackboard: Grade Details

At times it can be really useful to know the exact details of a student’s interaction with an assignment or test. On the Grade Details page, you can view a student’s attempts and grade history, assign and edit a grade, and clear and exempt grades.

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