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Creating a Syllabus for Your Course

Creating a syllabus is an important part of teaching. The syllabus serves as a sort of contract between students and the instructor. It should clearly outline course requirements, expectations, and goals as well as include pertinent information regarding assignments, class and institutional policies, and grading. Crafting a useful and clear syllabus is an important skill. Luckily there are several well-accepted components of a syllabus that are common throughout most disciplines and universities.

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Blackboard Organizations

The term “Blackboard Organization” is used to describe an empty Blackboard shell that can be used by University of Arkansas organizations (i.e., Greek chapters, clubs), colleges, departments, faculty, staff, and/or students for activities that are in support of the educational, research, or administrative mission of the University.

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Mail vs Messages

Send Mail and Course Messages are two similar tools in Blackboard Learn that aid the instructor with communicating with students. There are important differences between the two, and the instructor should choose the one that best suits the needs of the course. Since Course Menu links can be renamed each tool can be named to fit your needs.

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Adding a Flickr photo mashup into the content area in Blackboard

You can easily add images from the photo website Flickr into your Blackboard course using the Mashups options. This is available from the Build Content menu (instructors only) and from the Mashups button in any text editor (instructors and students).

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