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External Grade

The External Grade marker in the grade center will push the contents of one column to the Home Screen’s Report card module when the students log into Blackboard Learn. There is no way to remove the External Grade, because there has to be at least one column in the grade book designated for an external grade.

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Transfer grades from Blackboard to UAConnect

The transfer process is straightforward. In essence, you simply indicate in Blackboard which grade column you want to transfer, tell Blackboard to extract those grades, then go to UAConnect, select grades as usual, and use the big yellow button plainly marked “Upload from Bb” to complete the transfer. If any grades were not successfully transferred, UAConnect will tell you. Just enter them manually in the usual way. The final step – using “submitted” and “save” – is the same as always.

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Create an Average Grade Column

Different grading schemes sometimes call for different uses of columns in Blackboard. Average calculated columns can be useful in averaging a group of columns which each have the same number of points possible. This is done by adding the total number of points and dividing that number by the number of columns.

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Downloading Blackboard Grade Center

Instructors can work on the Grade Center using Excel, however for the best results it is important to first download the Grade Center from Blackboard. This ensures that the file will be properly formatted when it is uploaded back into Blackboard for students to view. Any new columns created in Excel will have to be made numeric after uploading the file to Blackboard.

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Creating Smart Views in the Grade Center

Did you know that you can create categories of students in the grade center called “Smart Views”? A Smart View is a focused look at students the Grade Center. It shows only the data that matches a set of criteria, such as section number in a lecture course, those in a certain group (if you assign groups work for instance), or those students who are grad students/undergrad in a mixed course. Smart Views are useful to quickly find information when the Grade Center includes a great number of students and columns.

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