Alternatives to Scantron

So many times, we stick with what we’ve always done, when there might be new and better ways to do the same thing. You might even find that these new ways actually save you time and effort! Did you know that you can do your quizzes and exams online in Blackboard instead of using a scantron or bluebook? There are lots of ways to customize your assessments and cut down on academic dishonesty using these tools.

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Enabling Scroll Bar for Mac to View Blackboard Grade Center

Are you unable to access the scroll bar to view the entire grade center on Blackboard on your Mac? This is a common issue with the default settings on your Mac and can be remedied quickly by going to your computer’s System Preferences.

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External Grade

The External Grade marker in the grade center will push the contents of one column to the Home Screen’s Report card module when the students log into Blackboard Learn. There is no way to remove the External Grade, because there has to be at least one column in the grade book designated for an external grade.

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Transfer grades from Blackboard to UAConnect

The transfer process is straightforward. In essence, you simply indicate in Blackboard which grade column you want to transfer, tell Blackboard to extract those grades, then go to UAConnect, select grades as usual, and use the big yellow button plainly marked “Upload from Bb” to complete the transfer. If any grades were not successfully transferred, UAConnect will tell you. Just enter them manually in the usual way. The final step – using “submitted” and “save” – is the same as always.

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