Category: Creating and Streaming Video: Kaltura

Kaltura: MediaSpace Go Mobile App

Kaltura MediaSpace Go is a mobile app that allows you to login and upload media into your Kaltura account directly from your mobile device. Once uploaded, the media will be in your My Media area within Blackboard Learn, and can be added into course content folders, discussions, or assignments.

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Kaltura: Video Captions

Automatic English-language closed captioning is now available directly in Kaltura. Here you can see how to request, verify, edit, and delete captions.

Fully automatic (mechanical) captions will be created by default for any new media loaded into Kaltura. All videos uploaded into Kaltura after July 11, 2017 are automatically captioned, using Kaltura REACH, powered by cielo24. For CEA requests, please contact to request human-edited (professional) captions.

Media owners can request mechanical captioning added to previously uploaded media.

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Kaltura: Uploading to My Media

Once you have finished recording video using Kaltura Capture, you will need to upload your video to Kaltura’s My Media to use it on University of Arkansas sites and Blackboard courses. Additionally, you can upload pre-existing media to Kaltura. This article will walk you through those processes.

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