Category: Syllabus & Course Creation

Contingency Planning: Creating Content and Assignments When Classes are Cancelled

Sometimes we are unable to hold our face-to-face classes. In some cases there is an outbreak of the flu or measles, in other cases, there is inclement weather, conferences, and illness. In all of these instances there are technologies and assignments available that can help you deliver content to your students or have your students work together even if they cannot attend physical classes. Included here are some ideas for recording lectures that students can later view, holding synchronous lectures with video conferencing, and assignments that students can do either independently or collaboratively over the web.

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First Day for e-Textbooks

First Day for textbooks is available for some course materials. When a student enrolls in a class using these materials the students will receive the materials automatically by the first day of class, and they will be charged a discounted rate to their university account in UAConnect.

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Creating a Syllabus for Your Course

Creating a syllabus is an important part of teaching. The syllabus serves as a sort of contract between students and the instructor. It should clearly outline course requirements, expectations, and goals as well as include pertinent information regarding assignments, class and institutional policies, and grading. Crafting a useful and clear syllabus is an important skill. Luckily there are several well-accepted components of a syllabus that are common throughout most disciplines and universities.

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