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Blackboard: Force Completion

When giving an exam, we want things to go smoothly. Oftentimes there are situations that arise that cause problems for both instructors and students. We have found that selecting force completion on exams and quizzes in Blackboard is one of those instances. So, what is force completion and why does it cause so many issues?

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Academic Integrity Quiz Questions

Do you have a syllabus quiz that you give to students? The Office of Academic Initiatives and Integrity created some quiz questions that you can import into Blackboard to quiz your students on the U of A’s academic integrity policy. You can any or all of these questions and even add your own.

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Importing an Existing Test, Quiz, or Survey into Blackboard

Did you know that you can import existing exams, quizzes, and surveys into Blackboard? For example if you would like to import the academic integrity quiz questions provided by the Office of Academic Initiatives and Integrity (found on TIPS) you can!

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Printing Exams using Respondus

To print exams from Blackboard you will need to use the Respondus test creation tool. This tool will allow you to retrieve the exam from Blackboard and print from your computer. Respondus can be downloaded from the Software tab in Blackboard if you do not already have it installed on your computer.

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