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As of the Summer 2018 semester, we are transitioning from TurningPoint Cloud to TurningPoint 8. This comes with some exciting new features, but also requires just a little bit of extra preparation to get started.

The newest version of the TurningPoint software has some exciting changes. One that will make things much simpler is that its no longer necessary to update your participant lists, which are now referred to as your Courses. After you’ve made the connection to your courses in Blackboard, the latest participant information will be pulled from the server each night at midnight.  When you open the software the next time, it will automatically pull that day’s information.

Add the New Clicker Registration Link to the Course

Important Note: We recommend that everyone using clickers add the registration link to their course menu.

  1. Delete the previous clicker registration link from your course, by hovering above the link until a grey down arrow appears.  Click on this arrow and choose Delete from the drop-down menu. 
    Click on the option drop-down for the link and click Delete.
    Note: If you do not see the grey arrow appear, you may not be in Edit Mode for your course.
  2. Click on Delete this Menu Item on the pop up menu, and then click Delete on the next pop up menu.
    Click on Delete this Menu Item.
  3. Once the previous link has been removed, you will add the new Clicker Registration link. Click on the plus button and click on Tool Link.
    Click on the Add Menu Item button and choose Menu Item.
  4. In the Name blank enter “Clicker Registration” and for the Type drop-down choose Clicker Registration.

    Enter Clicker Registration for the Name and choose Clicker Registration from the Type drop-down menu.

Connecting Your Turning Account to Blackboard

Previously, it was only students who had to click on the registration link to make the connection between Blackboard and their Turning Technologies Account, but now instructors need to do so as well.  Once you’ve added the tool link to your course menu, click on it, and log into your Turning Account. 

Connecting to Your Courses

When you have made the connection to Blackboard and logged into your Turning Account, you will be able to scroll down to Available Courses and see all of the courses in which you have been listed as instructor.  Click Connect for each of the courses that you’re teaching this semester.

Click on Connect for each course that you're using this semester.

Once you’ve done that the new version of the software will show your courses. They should automatically appear on the left in the Course List (formerly participant lists) area when you open the software.

Download the New Software to your Receiver

  1. Insert your Turning Technologies USB receiver into your computer.
  2. Go to the Turning Account website and sign in with your Turning Account ID and password.
  3. Click Downloads.
    Click on the Downloads button - the second option at the top of the page from left to right
  4. If you have not downloaded files using this computer before, you will need to fill out the contact information form and click Submit.
    Fill out the contact information and select Submit.
  5. Select the PC-No Install or Mac option to download and save.
    Save either the PC No Install or Mac option.
  6. Open the location to which you saved the file and double-click the TurningPointCloud file. Click Next.
    Click Next
  7. Click the “” button next to the file location path.
    Click on the ... to browse
  8. Browse to Computer or Devices and click the Turning Technologies USB drive then click OK.  Click Unzip.
    Browse to your TurningPoint receiver's drive and click Unzip
  9. Click OK.

You’re now prepared to use the TurningPoint 8 software.  If you have any trouble, please do not hesitate to email us at