Faculty who want to copy a previous course into the new course shell can copy a course from a previous semester by following the instructions below.

If you need to merge a course before copying, you can request that the Blackboard Administrators merge the course by submitting a request form.

 Note: When your new course content is ready, remember you need to make that course available to your students: Make Your Course Available.

 Important: If you are teaching a class that you have inherited from another instructor and wish to copy their blackboard course, you must first have the previous instructor email bbadmin@uark.edu and request that you be added to the previous course as an instructor.  Otherwise, you will not be able to copy the course content.

 Warning: If you’re going to remove menu items from your course before copying it over for the new semester be sure NOT to delete the “First Day” link. The “First Day” menu item is put there automatically for inclusive access publisher materials. You’ll want to be sure that “First Day” is not the only course item you are copying over or students will not be able to access the course correctly.

Regular Course Copy

If your course is not a “Special Case,” you can copy your course from a previous course in a few clicks:

  1. Open the new Blackboard course shell and delete any existing menu items. You need to delete these menu items because new ones will copy over from your previous course. Note: Some courses may not have any menu items.
  2. Open the previous Blackboard course you want to copy content from.
    image of previous Bb course
  3. In the left menu under Course Management, click Copy This Course.
    in the left menu on Blackboard in the course management section copy this course is highlighted
  4. Under “Select Copy Type”, select Copy Course Materials into an Existing Course.
  5. For Destination Course ID, click the Browse button. This will open a pop-up window where you may choose your new course ID (i.e. your new Blackboard course shell). Click Submit. Your new course ID will now display in the text box.
  6. Now, Select the course materials to be copied into the destination course. To simply copy your entire course, click the Select All button. Note: you may want to uncheck the announcements if you do not want your announcements to copy over to the new course.sellect-all
  7. Note: If your previous course had a discussion board, select Include only the forums, with no starter posts under Discussion Board. This moves the discussion board forum but removes all of the student and instructor posts. If you leave the “Include starter posts for each thread in each forum (anonymized)” option selected under Discussion Board, Bb will copy all of the previous student’s posts, and it will be necessary to delete them manually.

    No starter posts
  8. In the File Attachments section, ensure that “Copy links and copies of the content” is selected. Click Submit.
    Do not interact with the course until the copy process is completed.Submit course copy

Some courses may take longer to copy depending on the size and complexity of the course. You will receive an email notification when the copy is completed. Please forward any error messages to bbhelp@uark.edu.

Once the previous course content has been copied, open the new destination course to ensure the content and course menu were copied properly.

Special Case

Any “special case” courses should use the course copy form.

  • Your course needs to be merged: i.e. multiple sections or lab sections that need to be merged.
  • Your course has multiple course numbers: i.e. listed for both undergraduates and graduates.
  • Your course contains a wiki.
Important: If you use the Wiki tool in your course, contact tips@uark.edu for specific instructions.
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