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Course Management:

Moving from Course to Course in Blackboard

Many of us teach more that one course per semester and just navigating from course to course on Blackboard can sometimes take up valuable time when you are trying to do something in multiple courses at once. Here are some tips from moving from course to course to save you some clicks and make your job a little easier!

Date Management Tool: Changing Due Dates and Availability for Multiple Items

Date Management Tool: Changing Due Dates and Availability for Multiple Items

When you copy a course from a previous semester, it is often time-consuming to go through and change the due dates or set the availability for assignments, blogs, journals, announcements, and other content items. The Date Management tool is a way to view and change all of the due dates and availability dates in a single place. Click here to understand the different options that the Date Management tool offers.

Mail vs Messages

Send Mail and Course Messages are two similar tools in Blackboard Learn that aid the instructor with communicating with students. There are important differences between the two, and the instructor should choose the one that best suits the needs of the course. Since Course Menu links can be renamed each tool can be named to fit your needs.

Make Your Course Available

Make Your Course Available

All courses listed in UAConnect are automatically created in Blackboard but your course is set as unavailable to students by default. Whenever you are ready for students to access your course, make it available by following these instructions.

Add Users to Blackboard

You can request to have additional instructors or teaching assistant added to your course any time throughout the semester. Students will be automatically enrolled through UAConnect but other users can be added by request.

Course Readiness Tutorial

The Course Readiness Tutorial video will walk you through verifying and updating your Blackboard course for the new semester. This step-by step tutorial also showcases some tips and best practices that will help improve the quality of your course.