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The Course Readiness Tutorial video will walk you through verifying and updating your Blackboard course for the new semester. This step-by step tutorial also showcases some tips and best practices that will help improve the quality of your course.

Is your course ready for the first day of class?

Course Readiness Tutorial (video, 11:27 min)

The following checklist accompanies the Course Readiness Tutorial and will help you determine if your course is ready for the start of the new semester:

Course Readiness Checklist (PDF)

 Is your course content accessible?

If you would like to check your course for accessibility and proper formatting, please use the Course Accessibility Checklist (PDF). This will help ensure that content can be easily navigated, including by learners using assistive technologies.

Note: If your course has not yet been copied for the new semester, view the Copy Course Content page.

Note: If a course is unavailable you can still enter the course by clicking the title in the course list. If you want to make your course available for students, view the Make Your Course Available page.