1. In the Full Grade Center, click Manage on the Action Bar to access the drop-down list.
      click manage
    2. Select Smart Views.
      click smart views
    3. On the Smart Views page, select Create Smart View on the Action Bar.
      click create smart view
    4. On the Create Smart Views page, type a Name for the Smart View and add an optional Description.
      give smart view a name
    5. Select the Add as Favorite check box to make the Smart View a Favorite. The Favorite Smart View will appear in the Grade Center section of the Control Panel in the indented list under Full Grade Center.
      click add as favorite
    6. Select Custom.
      • Under User Criteria select Child Course ID
      • Under Condition select Contains
      • Under Value enter the section number for one of your child courses.  This is the number following the SEC in the course name: 1173-THEUA-NANA-1212-SEC001-12345.

Smart View

7. Select Submit.


This will need to be done for each child course section you would like separated.