To create a short test, survey, or quiz (approximately 15 questions or less), you can create it directly in Blackboard. If the test is longer, the Blackboard tool can be a time-consuming process. However, if you want to create a longer test, there are tools that can shorten the process considerably. Respondus Exam Creation Tool (Windows only) can help you get a longer test into Blackboard more easily, however, you must format your document in a particular way. Refer to the help page for Respondus to get additional help.

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  1. In Course Management menu your Blackboard course, click Course Tools.
    Go to course management in the menu and click course tools
  2. Click Tests, Surveys, and Pools.
    click tests pools and surveys
  3. Select whether you would like to create a Test, Survey, or Pool.
    Select Test or Survey

    • Tests are sets of questions that are graded to measure student performance. Once a test is created here, it must be deployed within a content folder before students can take the test. Test results are reviewed in the Grade Center. Note that some question types are not automatically graded.
    • Surveys are not graded. They are useful for gathering data from students that is not used to evaluate student performance. Surveys must be deployed in a content folder for students to respond to the survey.
    • Pools are sets of questions that can be added to any Test or Survey. Pools are useful for storing questions and reusing them in more than one Test or Survey.
  4. On the resulting page, you can Build Test or Import Test (Only test packages created by Blackboard Learn can be imported. Tests created by others, tests created at other institutions, and tests created with older versions of Blackboard Learn can be imported as long as they are in the proper format.).
    click build test or import test
  5. After selecting Build Test, you can add a description and instructions. Select Submit to advance and add questions.Fill in the required Name and optional Instructions and Description
  6. On the resulting page, you have the options to Create Question, Reuse Question or Upload Questions.
    click create or reuse question

    • Create Question – you can create many different types of questions. For more information on the types of questions possible visit Blackboard’s Question Types.
    • Reuse Question – you can reuse questions from all existing tests, surveys, and pools in your course. However, when reusing a question, questions in tests that are already linked somewhere else will not appear in searches and will not be selectable. For more information visit Blackboard’s Reusing Questions.
    • Upload Questions – before trying this option, know that you must format your file as a tab-delimited TXT file. For more information visit Blackboard’s File Format Guidelines.
  7. When you create a question, the required fields are Question Text and the Answer(s).
    create test questiontest answers

    • In the Question Text you can use text, images, multimedia, and etc.
    • The format of the answer will depend on the type of question you chose. Please refer to Blackboard’s Question Types.
  8. You also have the optional fields of Correct Response Feedback and Incorrect Response Feedback. These will be shown to students after they have completed the test.

    insert correct and incorrect feedback

    Note: It can be helpful to students for you to add some Incorrect Response Feedback, so that when students review the questions they missed, the feedback can help them understand why they chose incorrectly and what is the correct answer.
  9. You have two save options:
    Submit test answer submit and create another

    • Submit and Create Another – Save this question and create another question of the same type.
    • Submit – will save the question and give options to add another of a different type.
OER Connection


Are you interested in using an OER textbook but are unsure about how to replace all of the online assignments and quizzes that come with publisher materials?  Some instructors find it useful to create those assignments in Blackboard instead.



Academic Integrity Connection
Concerned about ensuring academic honesty when students are taking your quizzes and exams?  It can be useful to use Respondus Lockdown Browser to prevent students from searching for answers while they’re answering the questions.