With Smart Views, you can view the progress of the following:

  • An existing group
  • Student performance for a particular item
  • Individual students
  • Separated sections of a merged course
  • Grad students vs. Undergrads in a course

You can also select students using a combination of attributes.

Default and Favorite Smart Views appear in the Grade Center section of the Control Panel as an indented list under Full Grade Center. You can tag Smart Views as Favorites so they appear in this list and can be accessed easily. This example has “assignments,” “tests,” and “undergrads” as favorited smart views.
favorite smart views

Before You Begin

If course groups will be used to create Smart Views, they must be created first.

How to Create a Smart View

  1. In the Full Grade Center, click Manage on the Action Bar to access the drop-down list.
    click manage
  2. Select Smart Views.
    click smart views
  3. On the Smart Views page, select Create Smart View on the Action Bar.
    click create smart view
  4. On the Create Smart Views page, type a Name for the Smart View and add an optional Description.give smart view a name
  5. Select the Add as Favorite check box to make the Smart View a Favorite. The Favorite Smart View will appear in the Grade Center section of the Control Panel in the indented list under Full Grade Center.
    click add as favorite
  6. Select the Type of View:
    give it a criteria

    • Course Group: Subsections of students. Course groups must be created before they can be used as selection criteria. For information on creating groups read Create and Manage Groups in Blackboard.
    • Performance: Student performance on a single item, such as a mid-term exam.
    • User: Individual students.
    • Category and Status: Based on a category, such as Assignment or Test, user or users, and grade status, such as Completed or Not Attempted.
    • Custom: A query for selecting students using a combination of attributes.  Most commonly used to divide merged courses into their individual Grade Center sections.  For this article read Create a Smart View to Divide Merged Courses into Individual Grade Centers
  7. Select the appropriate criteria to help refine the Type of View selected. The Type of View selected determines what shows in the Select Criteria section.
    • To filter by course section choose Custom, select Child Course ID under User Criteria, select Contains under Condition, and enter the section number (example: SEC001)
    • Under User Criteria, select the grade column from the drop-down list.
    • Under Condition, select the criteria, such as Less than or Equal to from the drop-down list.
    • In the Value box, select a value, such as a Group Name or type the score or percentage against which the criteria and condition will be assessed.
    • Under Users, select All Users from the drop-down list to include results for all students. Select Selected Users from the drop-down list and select the individual students needed. Hold down the CRTL key to select multiple users.
    • Under Categories, select a category from the drop-down list, such as Assignment or Test.
    • Select the Filter Results from the drop-down list by selecting the columns or grade status, such as Completed or Not Attempted.
  8. Select Submit.