Exam setting are useful when setting up availability dates, timed exams, and exceptions for students.

Exam Settings

A proactive way to avoid challenges with Blackboard exams is to have the settings configured correctly.

  1. Select the drop-down chevron to the right of the exam name. click arrow button to edit test options
  2. SelectEdit the Test Options” from the menu.
    edit the test options
  3. Check the Multiple Attempts checkbox. If left unchecked, students will need to contact you to reset the exam attempt if there is an issue that prevents them from finishing.
    check multiple attempts
  4. As a general rule, it is best to set up an exam with Forced Completion unchecked. Forced Completion can cause issues with students accessing the exam via a wireless connection. When Forced Completion is unchecked, if a student has to log back into Blackboard, their progress should be saved and they can finish the exam.
    do not check force completion
  5. If selecting Set Timer, also turn on Auto-Submit*. Selecting this feature will end and submit the exam when the time expires. If Auto-Submit is not turned on, students will be able to continue the exam after the timer expires. However, a notification will be placed on the student’s exam grade in the grade center.
    set timer

Creating Availability Exceptions

Sometimes a student will have an issue that requires them to retake the exam. An exception will make the exam available once again for the selected student, without the exam being available to the rest of the class. This is better than clearing the original attempt, because it might prove useful to have the original score if needed.

In Blackboard, extended test time or alternate testing dates can be provided to a student (or group of students) by using the Test Availability Exceptions feature. Note: If you are using ProctorU, email a list of students who require extended test time to gproctor@uark.edu.

  1. Navigate to the test where it is deployed in your course
  2. Select the drop-down chevron to the right of the exam name, selectEdit the Test Options” from the menu.
    click arrow button to edit test options
  3. Under “Test Availability Exceptions“, select the “Add User or Group” button and follow prompts to add the student (or group) for whom the exception applies.
    click test availability exceptions
  4. Click the box beside the student(s) and click submit.
    select the student being excepted
  5. Select the options for the student.
    edit the options for the student
  6. Select the Submit button to save your changes.
    click submit

*Below is the student view of the auto-submit timer.  The timer will count down to zero then auto-submit the exam when auto-submit is turned on.