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Sometimes we need to double check that we assigned a due date for an assignment, gave the correct point values for a quiz, or even that all of our categories are correct for grade calculations. If we have many columns in the grade center this is sometimes difficult to view quickly. One way to see the full grade center and all of the columns, point values, categories, and due dates is to go into “Column Organization.”

To view all Grade Center Columns in “Column Organization”

  1. Enter the Full Grade Center of the course.
    click full grade center
  2. Click Manage.
    click manage
  3. Select Column Organization.
    select column organization
  4. From this area you can see the point values, due dates, and categories of each of the columns. From this screen you can also rearrange your grade center, change the column category, and hide or show columns to students and yourself.
    Grade Center in Column Organization