To Grade Assignments

  1. Log into Blackboard and click on Grade Center.
    go to Grade Center
  2. Click Needs Grading.
    click needs grading
  3. A list of submitted assignments will be located here.
    this is the needs grading menu
  4. Click on the name of a student and you will be brought to their submission.
    click the student name you wish to grade
  5. Once you grade the assignment, you can click Submit or Click Save and Next to grade the next assignment.
    grade the student assignment
  6. if you want to grade a particular assignment, click the “item” dropdown menu and choose the assignment then click Go.  These will be filtered and only this assignment will be listed.
    click the item you wish to grade and click go

You can also do the following to grade assignments

  1. Select Assignments below Grade Center. 

    Assignments link under Full Grade Center
  2. Locate the column name associated with the assignment. If there is a student submission that you have not graded, you will see a yellow circle with an exclamation mark. If you have already graded a previous attempt, the grade will appear beside the yellow circle. You can edit previous grades or grade new assignments by hovering your mouse over the yellow circle and an Edit button appears in the same cell to the right. Select the Edit button.
    Drop down option next to grade or attempt
  3. A little pop-up window appears that shows any or all of the attempts submitted by the student. They are designated by the word “Attempt” plus the date submitted. Select the one you want to grade.
    Choose attempt date to grade
  4. On the resulting page, you will see either their text submission or a link to download the document they uploaded.
  5. If you would like to allow individual students to resubmit work or to clear previous attempts click on View Grade Details.  You will then have the options to Clear, Ignore, or Allow Additional Attempts.
     Important Note: It is recommended that instructors ignore an attempt or allow an additional attempt rather than clearing it.  That way there is a record of the attempt for the sake of keeping accurate records as well as for assistance from BBhelp when an error occurs.

View Grade Details Options

For information about Inline Grading visit Blackboard’s help topic.

NOTE: If a student saves an assignment as a draft or if the student resubmits an assignment, make sure that the student RENAMES the file. If the student does not, Blackboard may not update the file and you may end up grading the wrong version of the paper.  For example, encourage the student to add a number to the end of the file name to change it.