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Exercise demonstrating Blackboard’s rubric functionality

View/Save an illustrated copy of these instructions in Adobe Acrobat format

Importing the Rubric

  1. Download and save the file.
    save the import rubric zip file
  2. Log in to and go to the course where you want the rubric to be imported.
    My Courses list
  3. In the Course Management menu on the left, click Course Tools menu.
    Go to course management in the menu and click course tools
  4. Locate and click Rubrics in the tool list.
    click rubrics
  5. Click the Import Rubric button.
    click import rubric
  6. Click the Browse My Computer button.
    click browse my computer
  7. Select the file ( and click Open.
    select the rubric file
  8. Click the Submit button.
    click submit
  9. The new rubric will appear in the Rubrics list.the rubric will appear in yorur list

Attaching the Rubric to a Graded Discussion

  1. Create a discussion forum to be graded or edit and existing one.
    create a discussion forum or edit an existing one
    To edit an existing discussion forum, click the option button for an existing forum and select Edit.
    click arrow to edit discussion forum
  2. Under Forum Settings (at the bottom) selectGrade Discussion Forum: Points possible:” and enter point value. (Note: This rubric is based on a 10 point assignment but may be modified in the Rubrics section of Course Tools in the Control Panel)
    add points possible
  3. Go to the Associated Rubrics section and click the Add Rubric button.
    click add rubric
  4. Click the Select Rubric option.
    click select rubric
  5. A pop-up window will appear listing your UARK Discussion Rubric (and any other rubric that you create or import). Click the checkbox next to the rubric and click the Submit button.
    select the rubric and click submit
  6. This rubric will now be associated with the discussion forum and will be available when you are ready to grade students’ work.