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Nathan Smith, Academic Web Development Manager, and his student team gave an overview of WordPress, the services that the U of A offers, and how their team operates. WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) that allows you to create websites that manage pages, images, and blog posts. WordPress is user friendly and does not generally require any specific technical skills. 30% of all sites across the world use WordPress for creating websites and this is a testament to its ease of use.

Anyone on campus with a UARK username can create a personal WordPress page.  In fact, many professors across our campus use WordPress for personal sites, academic research sites, and journal or labs on campus. Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) also use them for their organization sites. There are many examples of WordPress Sites.

Word Press Student teamThe Word Press student is diverse, motivated, and share a wide range of skill sets which enables them to work together to complete projects. They have writers, developers, graphic designers, coders, and communications specialists. The team is able to work with customers to bring their ideas to life by utilizing prompt and friendly customer service, collaboration, timely delivery, progress reports, and education. The student WordPress team not only delivers products to clients but also teaches the clients how to use WordPress so that they can maintain their own content and make changes easily. In addition to individualized training, the team also offers larger group training by request.

If you are interested in more information, creating a WordPress site, or scheduling group training, you can contact the WordPress team at, visit or visit and open a help ticket.


For more information, you can view their Presentations:idea image

The goal of the IT Brown Bag Lunch and Learn is “to support campus wide discussion and collaboration around a broad range of technologies. The hour is designed for students, faculty and staff to learn about campus services, share ideas and provide a feedback forum regarding any topic related to technology at the University of Arkansas.”

Marie Riley, Director of Technology Support, is responsible for initiating the brown bag series which she hopes will foster a sense of community and collaboration on campus between IT services, faculty, administration, and students.

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