Previously, Kaltura videos that were embedded in Blackboard opened in a pop-up window for students to view.  If pop-up blockers were turned on, this sometimes caused issues with viewing the media.  The new version of Kaltura plays within the items in Blackboard where it is embedded. See the video below for a demonstration!

In addition to this new feature, the player is also responsive, meaning it will change its size when the browser’s dimensions change. Since this change will only affect newly embedded content, we recommend re-embedding any content you want to move to an in-page player.

Other great changes to Kaltura include:
  • Kaltura Video Quizzes no longer need to be out of 100!  Now you can embed a quiz in Kaltura and make the points worth anywhere from 1-100.
  • Users can now send a Blackboard email announcements with a Kaltura video in it. Clicking the video will send the users directly to the Blackboard page where the video is located.
  • There are now faster upload speeds! It is now 7 times faster to upload a video to Kaltura.