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All courses listed in UAConnect are automatically created in Blackboard but your course is set as unavailable to students by default. Whenever you are ready for students to access your course, make it available by following these instructions.

Option One

If you have the Qwickly module available you can follow these instructions:

  1. Click Courses at the top of the page. Find the Qwickly box on the page.
    Click on Courses and find the Qwickly box
  2. Click Course Availability to open your course list.
    Click on Course availablity
  3. Click Off to change the button to On then students can view the course.
    Click Off button to change it to on and make the course available

Option 2

  1. Log in to with your UARK username and password.
  2. From your Course list, choose the course you would like to make available.
  3. In the Course Menu on the left, click Customization.
    in the left course management menu, customization is highlighted
  4. Click Properties.
    in the left course management menu, properties is highlighted
  5. Under Set Availability, click Yes to make your course available.
    |Note: do not check use term availability. Doing so causes known issues with course availability.
    Set availability options: yes, no, use term availability. Yes is highlighted
  6. Click Submit to save changes.

If you don’t plan on making your course available, or are still working on it, you might consider sending your students an email to let them know.  This could save you from the beginning of the semester email overload!