Designing your course and Creating your menu

When designing your course it is important to consider what Tools you would like your students to have access to and use.

The top menu on the left of the screen shows items which may be available to the student.
menu items

Items with a strike-through box are not available to users.
unavailable menu item

Items with a shadow box are empty.
empty menu item

To Add a Content Area

  1. Click on the plus sign.
    click plus sign
  2. To create a content area, where files or assignments can be stored, click Content Area.
    click content area
  3. Creating a Tool Link will allow your students to access the tools your Blackboard course comes equipped with such as blogs, discussion boards, collaborate, and more.
    click tool link
  4. You can also change the appearance of this menu area by using dividers, subheaders, and by rearranging the order of your links.
    click subheader or divider
    To move the Content Areas in the menu, grab the two sided arrow next to the item and drag it where you want it to appear in the menu.
    drag content area to move it.
  5. Turn off your edit mode to see the menu from a student view or click the icon to the left of Edit Mode. This appears in the upper right of your screen.
    turn edit mode off

See it in Action!

[kaltura-widget uiconfid=”23899751″ entryid=”1_oa086r3c” responsive=”true” hoveringControls=”false” width=”100%” height=”56.25%” /]