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Many of us teach more that one course per semester and just navigating from course to course on Blackboard can sometimes take up valuable time when you are trying to do something in multiple courses at once. Here are some tips from moving from course to course to save you some clicks and make your job a little easier!

  1. When the page with your course list loads in Blackboard, instead of clicking directly on the course you want to open, consider opening it in a new browser tab. There are a few ways to do this.

    a. You can right-click on the course name and select open link in new tab.
    right click and select open link in new tab

    b. or if you are on a PC and have a mouse with a wheel you can hover over the course name and click the center wheel on the mouse. That way, if you want to go into a different course, you can go back to the original tab (with the course list already loaded), and open the second course into another tab. If you click the link directly, you will need to go back to the main menu and then click the list again. This saves you some time and allows you to have multiple courses open at once.
  2. The other thing that helps with navigating courses is that it is possible to go directly to another course without having to go back to the main course list page! Above the course menu on the left, the name of your course is displayed. Beside the course name is an edit button.
    a. Click that edit button and it shows your most recently visited courses and below that all of your courses.
    click edit button next to course name
    b. If you click on a course you can jump directly to that other course.
    displays recently visited courses
    What is really great is that the system will put you on the same page in that new course. So if you are in the Grade Center in one course, it will drop you into the Grade Center in the course you select. That is really useful and saves a lot of additional clicks.