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Here you will find step-by-step instructions on how to sign up, schedule and take your ProctorU proctored exam.

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Step 1: Create an account
  1. Navigate to the ProctorU Account creation page.
  2. Click Test-taker to create an account and complete your profile. Select “University of Arkansas” as the Institution Enrollment.
  3. Your profile includes basic contact information and institution enrollment. At the bottom of the page, read and agree to ProctorU’s Terms of Service by clicking the check box to complete the profile.
Step 2: Schedule Your Exam
  1. Sign in with your account at and select Schedule New Exam.
  2. Follow these steps to Select New Exam:
    • A Confirm your institutionUniversity of Arkansas
    • B Select a term (ie. Spring 2018)
    • C Select your exam
    • D When finished, select Find Session.

  3. Select an exam appointment in the Schedule Exam window:
      • Select a Date
      • Select a Time
      • Click to Find Available Times.
      • Several appointment options will appear on the right; including a Best Match.  Select SELECT next to the appointment you want to schedule.


    You will spend at least 15 minutes doing pre exam procedure like ID checks, environment checks, authentication quizzes when your appointment starts. So you will not start your exam until 15 minutes after your appointment start time. Don’t schedule other personal appointments immediately after your exam.
  4. Select Schedule to confirm your session appointment.
  5. Now proceed to checkout.
  6. You will now see your proctored exam session in your account.
  7. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to ensure that you have: 
    • A photo ID (UA ID or driver’s license)
    • a computer/laptop (tablets and phones will not work)
    • a webcam
    • a microphone
    • speakers or a headset for communicating with the proctor
    • A mirror
    • Quiet Location
    • Stable internet connection, preferably wired connection
Step 3: Test your Computer
Visit this helpful page to test out your equipment in advance of your session – ProctorU Test It Out

Do You Need Equipment for Online Exam Proctoring?
computer If you are on the University of Arkansas campus and need to check out a laptop with an integrated webcam, you can do so at the Student Technology Center in the Union. They have a large number of laptops available. Go to the “Reserve IT Website” link below, log in and reserve your equipment.

Reserve IT Website . (Select Laptop One-Day)

***It is not recommended to use a computer lab for online proctoring because it is a less controlled environment. Please reserve a new laptop if at all possible from the STC. However, if you do need to use a computer lab as a backup for online exam proctoring please use the Union computer lab. ***

Click the link below if you need to download a Flash update for your computer ahead of time:

Flash: Get Adobe Flash Player (Be sure to deselect the McAfee Add-on), you can test if you have Flash updated here: Check Flash

Internet Connection Best Practices:
no wifi

If possible, use a ethernet cable connection for your exam session. Wireless (“WiFi”) works, but is not as reliable as using an internet cable.

If you are on campus and have to use wireless, use the UARK Wi-Fi connection instead of UARK Guest Wi-Fi. ProctorU connection will not work with the UARK Guest Wi-Fi network.

Step 4: Exam Day
  1. Check your computer using the test it out page:
  2. Arrive early at your testing location
  3. Be prepared to spend at least 15 minutes for pre-exam procedure. You will have to do an authentication quiz and environment checks during this time. These tests are done to make sure you’re in a secure testing environment.
  4. Log in to ProctorU at A countdown to the closest exam is shown on the My Exams page. At the appointment time, a START link replaces the countdown and you can begin your session


  • View the Taking your Exam instructions to get an idea of how ProctorU works and what to expect during your exam.
  • Not having a working system will not excuse you from exams. You must verify that your system is working ahead of your scheduled exam time. Test out your equipment in advance of your session – ProctorU Test It Out

Have questions?

  • Use the ProctorU Live Chat service that is affiliated with every ProctorU webpage
  • Call the ProctorU help line at (855)-772-8678
  • You can get technical support directly from ProctorU technicians by going to: ProctorU Premium Support Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.