As you move to remote teaching, there are wide variety of webinars and online courses available to you. Topics range from technology and tools to instructional strategies and tips for keeping students motivated. Some of the resources from other universities and organizations may reference specific tools that aren’t available at the University of Arkansas. Contact the TIPS team for help finding our alternative for that tool and posts with instructions. The resources are sorted below based on the content providers.
University of Arkansas
TIPS for Remote Teaching Presentation
Kathryn Zawisza and Shelly Walters share tools and strategies for remote teaching at the University of Arkansas.

Moving Online in a Weekend: Distance Education in the Nick of Time
Carrie Beam, instructor in the Master of Science Operations Management program, provides recommendations for designing and delivering a course with reduced prep time.


Self-Enroll in Blackboard Online Courses

We use Blackboard Learn for our Learning Management System (LMS). We have help and support available whether you are a heavy user or have never used an LMS before. We can help!

Click one of the links below to self-enroll in a Blackboard Online Course. You must be logged in to Blackboard to enroll.
Enroll in Online Course 01 – Introduction to Blackboard
Enroll in Online Course 02 – Getting Started with Blackboard
Enroll in Online Course 03 – Level 1 – Learn Teaching Essentials
Enroll in Online Course 04 – Level 2 – Learn Advanced Teaching

Blackboard and Related Tools
Blackboard Learn: Guide to Building Mobile Content
Blackboard Learn: Teaching Remotely
Blackboard Learn Webinar Training Series: Remote Instruction from Basics to Advanced

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra: Getting Started

Creating and Deploying Microlearning – this LinkedIn Learning course may be helpful for faculty looking to develop quick, mobile-friendly, focused lessons.

Respondus Lockdown Browser & Monitor Training Webinars – these sessions provide demonstrations for faculty who are interested in using tools that deter academic dishonesty in online exams.

Turning Point Webinar – Enhance remote learning with TurningPoint web – Faculty can still use clickers as part of their remote teaching strategy. The license students purchase with the physical clickers also comes with a mobile app that can be used for online delivery.

Voicethread Webinars – Voicethread routinely offers hands-on workshops for how to use the multi-modal tool for discussions in an online environment.


Professional Organizations
Online Learning Consortium  (OLC)

The University of Arkansas has an institutional membership that grants access to faculty for a number of on-demand webinars for no additional fee.
How to Survive Your (Hurried) Switch to Online Delivery Using UDL
Keeping Students Engaged in a Transition to Online Learning
Agile Course Development – The House That Scrum Built
Using Live, Online Sessions to Support Continuity of Instruction
Making the Shift to Online Learning: Emergency Preparedness and Instructional Continuity

Association for Educational Communications & Technology (AECT)
Higher Education Resources in Response to Covid-19

Association of College and University Educators (ACUE)
Welcoming Students to the Online Environment
Managing your Online Presence
Organizing your Online Course
Planning and Facilitating Quality Discussions
Recording Effective Microlectures
Engaging Students in Readings and Microlectures

 Magna Publishing
As a faculty member at the University of Arkansas, you have access to online content from Magna Publications at no cost to you. Magna Publishing provides higher education professional development resources on a wide variety of subjects.

Check with the associations in your field where you or your department may have memberships.

American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE)  
Facebook group for remote teaching

American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL)
Interpretive/Interpersonal/Presentational communication Online: Part I
Interpretive/Interpersonal/Presentational communication Online: Part II
How to Move Online in a Hurry