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Steps and information needed in order to request a Blackboard course.

To request a Blackboard course be created for your class, first you will need to know the following information:

  • The term it is to be offered (i.e. Spring, Summer, Fall, Intersession)
  • Four letter subject designation (e.g. BIOL)
  • Four digit catalog number (e.g. 1003)
  • Course section (e.g. 901)
  • The unique ISIS class number that represents your course. It should be 4 or 5 digits (e.g. 2403 or 10564)

Request a Blackboard Course

If you need help with this form, view this short course request video tutorial (3min 15sec).

Important: If you are working with Global Campus and developing a new online course, check with your assigned Instructional Designer before requesting your Blackboard course. They will help with this process.

Additional Information

After your courses have been created, and you want to ensure that they are ready for the new semester, check out our Course Readiness Tutorial.