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How can students view grading rubrics before submitting assessments? Students will ideally be able to view all grading rubrics for assessments in the My Grades section of the course, where a View Rubric button will be attached to any assignment that includes a grading rubric.

You should be able to view rubrics attached to any available graded activity through the My Grades tool in your course. Items that include a grading rubric should display a “View Rubric” link as shown below.
view rubric link under My Grades
You can also view rubrics directly in the graded activities as shown below (method to view depends on which tool was used).


  1. Select the assignment tool as if you were going to submit the assignment.
  2. Select the View Rubric button.

assignment tool view rubric button


  1. Enter the discussion forum.
  2. Select the Grading Information button.
  3. Select the grid icon to view the rubric.

grading information button and view rubric


Note: If the discussion forum requires you to post first before you can view other students’ posts, the Grading Information button will be at the bottom of the page (see below).

grading information at bottom of post-first discussion

Course Blogs

  1. Enter the Blog.
  2. If you do not see your name in the upper right, select the arrow just below “All Course Members“.
  3. Select your name.
  4. Select the grid icon to view the rubric.

all course members, student name, view rubric


  1. Enter the Wiki.
  2. Select the “My Contribution” button on the right (note that a Wiki page must first be created).
  3. Select the grid icon to view the rubric.

my contribution, view rubric