No matter what settings you choose in “Show Test Results and Feedback to Students,” students will always be able to see their test scores after they complete the test.  If you would not like your students to see their grades, you will have to hide the Grade Center column.

To find the “Show Test Results and Feedback to Students” settings for a quiz or test:

  1. Navigate to the location of the deployed test in your course
  2. Make sure your Edit Mode is ON, (top right of window)
    edit mode on
  3. Click the edit menu (accessed by the little button to the right of the test title)
    click arrow button to edit test options
  4. Click Edit the Test Options.
    edit the test options
  5. Scroll down the page to “Show Test Results and Feedback to Students”
  6. You can choose the options for when students can see the dropdown to see feedback display options

Here are the settings you will see by default:

Test Setting Options selected - choose when to show test results to students after submission and show question scores to students

There are 6 main settings options:

  1. Score per question (Automatically set by default) – Shows the overall test scores and the scores earned for each individual question. PLEASE NOTE: if you leave this default box checked, ALL of the exam questions (but not the answer choices) will be available for the student to view after they submit their exam.
  2. All Answers – Shows the questions and all answer choices.
  3. Correct – Shows the questions and correct answers.
  4. Submitted – Shows the questions and the answer choices selected by students.
  5. Feedback – Shows the questions and any instructor feedback messages for each question.
  6. Show Incorrect Questions – Shows the questions and the answer choices selected by students with an indication that the answer is incorrect.

If you check NONE of the Check-boxes – Shows the overall test score only.

Here are what the students will see based on the above options:

1. Score Per Question (Note: with this default checked, students will see the exam questions):

show question scores to students displays each question with score

2. All Answers:

All Answers displays questions with all possible answers

3. Correct:

Correct displays score and questions answered correctly with correct answers

4. Submitted:

Submitted displays score and questions with submitted answers

5. Feedback:

Feedback displays score and response feedback for questions

6. Show Incorrect Questions:

mark questions answered incorrectly displays score and each question marked as correct or incorrect

If you check NONE of the boxes (only the total score displays):

no boxes checked displays total score displayed out of points possible

If you check ALL of the boxes:

all checkboxes selected displays all questions, with possible answers, with incorrect and correct answers marked, and feedback


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