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Use a reliable computer. Make sure your internet connection is stable. Use the controls supplied in Blackboard.

  1. Use a reliable computer. Why?
    1. Up-to-date supported browsers are very important. Old versions may not work with Blackboard (or not work with certain features making it confusing to diagnose the problem); likewise, similar problems occur with unsupported browsers.
      1. Troubleshoot problems here:
    2. Make sure your computer is virus and spyware free. They can cause problems with security and network traffic.
    3. You may need a variety of plug-ins or supporting applications to view or interact with content in Blackboard. The basics are:
      1. Java –
      2. Flash –
      3. Adobe Reader –
  2. Make sure your internet connection is stable. How?
    1. Don’t use public networks. The local coffee shop may not be a reliable internet provider.
    2. Don’t use wireless networks. They can drop in and out. Facebook may not be bothered, but Blackboard Learn will notice and could kick you out of the test.
    3. Don’t use mobile devices, unless there is an application, and even then refer to note about wireless networks. In the future this will be fine, but the future is not here yet.
    4. Test your network connection here:
  3. In the test, use the controls (and in the way they are intended) supplied in Blackboard. Why?
    1. Do not click the “Back” button in your web browser – it could interrupt your connection to the test. If you need to revisit a previous question use the navigation buttons in the test.
    2. Do not click the “Submit” or “Next” button twice in a row; that can cause an error. Make sure you click it once and then wait for Blackboard to refresh.
    3. If the test shows all of the questions at once (instead of one-at-a-time), click the “Save” button every five to ten minutes to make sure your progress is saved.
    4. Currently the ‘time-out’ (auto-disconnect after a certain time of inactivity) is set to 60 minutes. It’s also a good idea to not let your computer ‘go to sleep’ or activate the screensaver as these programs could suspend your network connection causing Blackboard to lock you out of the test.
    5. If your browser, operating system, or computer freezes and you get locked out of a test, you will need to contact your instructor.

Watch the video Taking a Test Online. Linked from Blackboard’s OnDemand Help website.