VERY IMPORTANT: Kaltura is for original created content, not copyrighted content. Additionally, during upload it is best to have a wired connection to minimize uploading disruptions and technical errors.

Uploading Existing Media to Kaltura

If you already have media (audio or video) created, you can upload it to Kaltura’s My Media.

  1. Go to My Media in Blackboard or log into
  2. Click Add New.
  3. Click Media Upload.
  4. Choose your file, and click Open.
  5. While uploading, you can change the filename if desired. Click Save after any changes.
  6. Scroll down and click Go to Media to view media processing progress. Media processing times depend on the file size of the uploading file. It can take upwards to 30 minutes.

Watch the gif below to illustrate the above process. You can also click on it to view it from the beginning. 

Uploading media to Kaltura

Uploading Kaltura Capture Videos

  1. In the Kaltura Capture Desktop Recorder, click the Manage link. This will open the local Kaltura library on your device.
    Kaltura Capture- Manage link
  2. From within the library, you can change the filename by clicking the title. If you do not want to edit the title and simply upload the media, click the Upload button. Upload every media you want to post or share online.
    click upload to upload media to Kaltura online
  3. The library will show the progress of the upload, and completed uploads will display their unique URL for sharing online.
    Kaltura library interface showing uploading progress and video's URL.
  4. After the media is uploaded, you’ll be able to share it online.


After Uploading

When video processing is complete on My Media, check your video to ensure that during uploading no technical glitches happened. Once checked, the media can be shared online or on Blackboard by embedding it into lessons, adding it to Discussion Boards, or creating video quizzes from it. Students can also upload Kaltura media to submit as an assignment. If you want to do some basic video editing, you can use Kaltura’s editor online.

For more information about Kaltura, visit About Kaltura or their My Media page.