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If your instructor uses the Blackboard rubric tool, you can view rubrics attached to any assignment through the My Grades tool in your course. Instructors who use the rubric to grade, frequently leave feedback within the rubric.

To view the personalized feedback

  1.  Click on My Grades in your course menu.
    NOTE: Your instructor may have named it differently. Please contact the instructor if you can’t find this tool.
    My Grades highlighted. My grades can be found on the main menu on the left side of the course.

  2. Click on View Rubric.
    View Rubric& button should be located under the assignment title in the grade center.

  3. Green check marks will indicate where you received your points. Instructor’s feedback for you can be in two places: Feedback and Feedback to Learner.
    Feedback will appear under the description of the rubric box.