How do clickers work?

  • Instructors use a USB radio frequency receiver to present multiple choice or true/false questions.
  • Students submit their answers using handheld devices, known as clickers, that use radio frequency transmitters set to the same channel as the instructor’s receiver.
  • The system instantly collects the results and then shows a graph, which instructors can view, save, and display for the entire class to see.
  • The resulting student points can then be uploaded to Blackboard using the TurningPoint Cloud software.

Who is using clickers on campus?

Spring 2016 clicker stats:

  • Over 18,000 students with registered Turning Accounts.
  • 74% of Freshmen with registered Turning Accounts.
  • 75% of all undergraduates with registered Turning Accounts.
  • Over 148 course sections.
  • 30 different departments on campus.
  • More than 80 unique instructors.

What are the benefits of using clickers in class?

  • Engage students in active learning.
  • Improve student understanding.
  • Encourage attendance and participation.
  • Promote student retention.
  • Facilitate peer instruction and team-based learning.

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