Category: Interacting with Students

Blackboard: Journals

How to create journals in Blackboard 1. In Blackboard under Control Panel click Course Tools and select Journals. 2. In the Journals page, select Create Journal. 3. Complete the required fields in the Journal Information page....

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Blackboard: Allowing Another Attempt on an Assignment

Sometimes students submit the wrong file to an assignment area and need to resubmit their work. This walk-through demonstrates an easy way to give students an additional attempt on an assignment when they have already submitted the maximum number of attempts. This is often preferred to clearing attempts since it leave the original attempt intact. In order to do this the student must have already uploaded the maximum number of attempts.

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Blackboard: Creating a Blog

There are many different assignments on blackboard that you can use to engage your students. A great example of this is blogs. You can create a “course blog” which looks like Facebook and familiar social media, or you can create “Individual blogs” which posts as single blog entries instead of a list of all the student blogs. All students can see each others’ posts and can interact with one another.

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Blackboard: Peer and Self Assessment Tool

The Blackboard Self and Peer Assessment tool allows students to review and assess work submitted by themselves and their peers. Using criteria provided by their instructors and optional sample responses, students can provide points and feedback for submitted assignments. The tool provides students a deeper understanding of the material and further insight into their own work through the evaluative process.
Blackboard Self and Peer Assessment Tool

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Blackboard: Mail vs Messages

Send Mail and Course Messages are two similar tools in Blackboard Learn that aid the instructor with communicating with students. There are important differences between the two, and the instructor should choose the one that best suits the needs of the course. Since Course Menu links can be renamed each tool can be named to fit your needs.

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