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Converting a Pages File to a Word File

With more and more Mac users on campus, students often submit Apple Pages documents into assignments on Blackboard which are not viewable inline, cannot be parsed through SafeAssign, and many instructors who use a PC cannot open them. There is a quick and easy way for students to save pages files as word documents and other file types that are more accessible.

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Blackboard: Date Management Tool for Changing Due Dates and Availability for Multiple Items

When you copy a course from a previous semester, it is often time-consuming to go through and change the due dates or set the availability for assignments, blogs, journals, announcements, and other content items. The Date Management tool is a way to view and change all of the due dates and availability dates in a single place. Click here to understand the different options that the Date Management tool offers.

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Blackboard: Overwrite Files

At some point you will need to replace old files with new version in your course. Instead of adding new files each time, which increases clutter and size of the course files area, use the overwrite feature in Blackboard.

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