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Remote Teaching Support & Academic Contingency Planning

With the need to accommodate teaching and learning in a remote environment at the University of Arkansas, the TIPS Team is ready to help departments, faculty, and instructors prepare to teach remotely. Global Campus, IT Services, and the TFSC are ready to help! 

Faculty can email us at for support.

We also have a Faculty Only TIPS Remote Teaching Hotline 479-575-6804.

Monday-Saturday 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.
Sunday 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.

For student support, please have them call the Help Desk at 479-575-HELP or visit


Share your teaching ideas!

Faculty have great teaching ideas! We created a Microsoft Team for faculty and teaching support staff to share teaching ideas about Remote Teaching and how you are adapting your courses. Struggling with how to convert something? Figure out a great tip? Want to be a peer mentor? Join us in problem-solving together!

Download Microsoft Teams and Share your ideas by clicking the button below!


Who We Are

Teaching Innovation and Pedagogical Support (TIPS) is a partnership between the University of Arkansas’ Wally Cordes Teaching and Faculty Support Center (TFSC)IT Services, and Global Campus. We focus on academic technology and teaching support. Our goal is to collaborate across campus in order to promote faculty development and enhance student success. We support the vision of the TFSC “to provide innovative and engaging programs and resources for our faculty that will promote excellence and will enrich academic programs and learning experiences on our campus.”

Need Help With Multi-Factor Authentication?

Starting Wednesday, March 18, you will be prompted to register for multi-factor authentication. 

This secure way of logging in makes it difficult for an unauthorized person to access applications, computing devices or campus data. This is not only a requirement for Workday, but also helps secure UARK accounts as faculty, staff and student employees increase remote work activity.

Call the IT Services Help Desk at 479-575-HELP or visit for assistance setting up your multi-factor authentication! 


How We Can Help

One-on-One Support

Because instruction is such a personalized experience, we emphasize teaching conversations and customized support. Schedule a time for someone to set up an online session.

How-to Articles & Online Blackboard Courses

The TIPS website––is a place where faculty can find how-to articles related to teaching technology, faculty spotlights that showcase strategies their colleagues have found useful, quick teaching or productivity tips, and a calendar of faculty events. 

We have also created a faculty academic contingency plan with resources for learning about the teaching tools available at the U of A.

Online Video Conference with Blackboard Collaborate Ultra

Collaborate Ultra is Blackboard’s built-in video conferencing tool.  Participants can see others via webcam, hear and ask questions via voice or instant messaging, and share presentations and ideas using a common whiteboard or by sharing screens. Sessions are recorded and can be posted with other course materials in a Blackboard course or shared outside of Blackboard as a direct link. This method allows for more of an in-class feel with discussions and communication occurring just as it would in class.

Record a Voice-Over PowerPoint Video

If you have a PowerPoint but you do not want to record yourself, Microsoft has made it easy to create a voice-over PowerPoint video. This feature is built right into PowerPoint and allows you to show your screen and record your voice.

One great thing about this is that it records each slide independently before putting it all together into one video. This allows you to re-record a single slide if you make a mistake instead of having to use video editing software or re-recording a whole video!

Record Lectures and Create Videos with Kaltura

If we find ourselves in a situation where we need to record and post lectures in an online format, Kaltura Media is a great option. Kaltura Media allows faculty, staff, and students to create and share video and audio within Blackboard as assignments, lectures, or even blogs! Kaltura Media can also be shared directly to individuals via email and messages.

Self-Enroll in Blackboard Online Courses

We use Blackboard Learn for our Learning Management System (LMS). We have help and support available whether you are a heavy user or have never used an LMS before. We can help!

Click one of the blue buttons below to self-enroll in a Blackboard Online Course. You must be logged in to Blackboard to enroll.