Category: Tests, Surveys, and Pools

Blackboard Test Formatter

We often need to copy and paste an exam into Blackboard. This can often be time consuming so we created a tool to make the copy and paste process easier! You can use this tool to copy your test questions and create a document that is in the correct format for easy upload into Blackboard!

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Blackboard: Creating a Survey

A great way to get anonymous student feedback is to create a survey through Blackboard. This allows you to ask students questions about teaching, course materials, assignments, and texts and get honest feedback (since it is anonymous). You can also give students a grade for taking the survey (to ensure student responses). Some instructors use surveys to ask students if they like the text book, the topics in the course, or what topics they would like to see in the future as well as asking questions for research purposes.

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Blackboard: Copying a Test, Quiz, or Survey from One Course to Another

If you have a test or survey that you used in a previous semester’s course or that you want to include in multiple sections in the same semester, you only need to create the test or survey once and you can copy it into a different course. Copying tests and suveys is not the same as copying items in the course. There are several things that you will need to do to successfully copy the test or survey.

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