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Zoom: Inviting a Non-UARK Guest

For security reasons, by default, only UARK accounts can log in to Zoom calls. If you need to invite a guest from outside the U of A then you’ll need to change the settings for that class day. Here’s how!

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Setting up Zoom in Blackboard

Zoom has been integrated with Blackboard to create an easy experience for both instructors and students. This article explains how to set up Zoom in your class start to finish – from connecting Zoom to your course to adding your course recordings to your course.

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Teaching with Zoom in Blackboard

There are many great features in Zoom that help to increase student engagement in the remote, hybrid, or online classroom.  Read below to see how to to use the various features in Zoom! Setting Up Your Zoom Session in Blackboard...

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Using Web Conferencing with Remote & Hybrid Teaching

Whether teaching remotely or in a hybrid environment, there are many ways that faculty can use web conferencing to their advantage. It can be used to engage students and encourage interaction among students and faculty as well as with each other. We have several tools available in the collaboration and web conferencing space. This post will explore which tools are best in which situations.

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