Category: Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity: TIPS for Encouraging Academic Honesty

Academic integrity is an important issue to consider in your courses. It’s important to discuss academic integrity with your students and help them understand everything that it covers. Subjects like plagiarism, cheating on exams, and unauthorized collaboration should be talked about and made clear. There are also things you can do as an instructor to encourage academic integrity.

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Academic Integrity Quiz Questions

Do you have a syllabus quiz that you give to students? The Office of Academic Initiatives and Integrity created some quiz questions that you can import into Blackboard to quiz your students on the U of A’s academic integrity policy. You can use any or all of these questions and even add your own.

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Clickers and Academic Integrity

Students should be aware that taking another person’s clicker to class in order to answer for them constitutes an academic integrity violation.  There have unfortunately been cases where students brought their classmates’ clickers with them and answered all of the questions on multiple clickers.

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