oolAdding the Echo360 Tool to Blackboard Courses

In order for students to access the Echo360 content for a course a Content link to the Echo360 external tool must be added to each course. For student participation to be sent to the Results Center the Echo360 tool must be added through the Assessments menu on the Content page.  Below you will find instructions for adding the Echo360 tool to courses, connecting Blackboard to Echo360 to get content, and creating a link to Echo360 in the course menu.

Watch this video to see how you can add Echo360 to your Blackboard course!

To add the Echo360 LTI tool link to courses:
  1. Log into Blackboard.
    Blackboard login
  2. In your course list, click on the Course title in which you want to add Echo360.
    course list
  3. Click the content area in the left menu where you want the link located. In this instance it is “content” but you can put the link in any course content area.  You can even add your own content area and call it Echo360.
    click content
  4. Click the Assessments tab at the top of the screen.
    click assessments
  5. Select Echo360 ALP from the drop down menu.
    click echo 360 alp
  6. In the Create Echo360 ALP page, enterName that makes it clear this is the link for Echo360 class content. This Name will be the text of the link that users will click to access their Echo360 content.
    name the link
  7. Click Submit.
    click submit
  1. Click the link (with the given name) in the Content page.
    echo360 link appears
  2. Click Link Content.
    echo360 link content


Creating a Link to Echo360 in the Course Menu:
  1. Click the Plus sign (+) located above the Course Menu.
    click the plus icon
  2. Select Tool Link from the menu.
    select tool link
  3. Type “Echo360” into the Name field.
  4. Select Echo360 from the Type drop-down menu.
    Select Echo360
  5. Make sure to click on the box next to Available to Users or your students won’t be able to see them.
The link you created now appears in the Course Menu.